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. Name the 5 early signs of lead poisoning: metallic taste; joint & muscle ache; trouble sleeping; lack of concentration; fatigue. failure to recognize & control hazards; inadequate/ incorrect emergency response. PDF AWARE PRE-TEST ANSWERS - a. Start studying OSHA 30 Final Exam. OSHA 30 Final Exam Flashcards | Quizlet Learn osha 30 with free interactive flashcards. Now Start studying OSHA 30 Hour Study Guide. Specifically devised for safety directors, foremen, and field supervisors; the program provides complete information on OSHA … Describe 4 basic methods of controlling breathing hazards: What 5 questions should you ask when choosing a respirator? oxygen content; flammable gases; potential toxic contaminants, knows hazards; aware of behavioral effects; maintains accurate count of entrants; remains outside of permit space; communicates w/ entrants; monitors all activities inside & out. Electrical accidents are caused by a combination of what 3 factors? 0. What 3 components are necessary for an atmosphere to be considered flammable? Welcome to OSHA's Law and Regulations page Osha 30 final test answers. The course is part of an OSHA outreach training program promoting occupational safety and health for workers covered by OSHA 29 CFR 1926. Confined Space Entry Training. The OSHA 30-hour Construction Industry Outreach Training course is a comprehensive safety program designed for anyone involved in the construction industry. Most workers only need to complete OSHA 10 training to learn about safety procedures. Type of contaminant present; form of contaminant; how toxic; concentration; anticipated exposure time. The path of current thru body; amount of current flowing thru body; duration of shocking current thru body. OSHA 10 Hour Training - General Industry. Get All Answers to OSHA 10 Construction Final Exam 5. Describe the three different types of burns and the first aid that they require: Scaffolds shall support how many times their maximum load? PSM requirements apply to what equipment? 25 feet B. Osha Final Exam Answers 2019 10 Construction Posted on 19-Feb-2020. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Start studying OSHA 30 Construction Test Answer Key MANAGING SAFETY AND HEALTH - Flash Cards. The exam is 20 questions long and will test your knowledge on information covered throughout the OSHA 30 hour construction safety course. Name the 5 basic safety rules regarding power tools: Keep tools in good condition; use the right tool; examine each tool; operate the tool properly; use PPE, All projecting shaft ends and edges must be smooth and not project more than _______ the diameter of the shaft. competent person is responsible for recognizing and warning employees of fall hazards, a barrier erected on a roof to warn employees that they're approaching an unexpected roofside/edge. What must training documentation records include? When welding is being done on stainless steel, workers shall be protected from high concentrations of what? Work shoes, everyday clothing, prescription eyewear. Materials shall not be stored within how many inches of a fire door opening? The safety fuse that is used for blasting must not be less than ____ long. OSHA 30 Hour Study Guide Flashcards | Quizlet. OSHA 30 Construction Final Exam Answer Key The minimum safe distance for equipment operating in proximity to energized power lines that contain up to 50,000 volts is A. The AEGCP on construction sites must cover what 3 items? Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. What 6 conditions may limit load rating of a crane? You must make a score of at least 70% to pass this OSHA 30 … What are the responsibilities of the blaster? Each ROPS must be labeled with what info: manufacturer's name/address; ROPS model number; machine make, model, or series number. How to File a Safety and Health Complaint. The OSHA 30 Hour Construction Industry Outreach Training course is a comprehensive safety program designed for anyone involved in the construction industry. Start studying OSHA 30 Construction. Osha 10 Hour Answer Key - eXam Answers Search Engine OSHA 10 Construction Final Test Answer Key - Scribd Rating: 4 - 74 votesOSHA 10 Construction Final Test Answer Key - Free download as Word Doc (. soil conditions; protective systems; safety equipment; possible hazards; oxygen levels; air contaminants/gases; egress & agress points. Choose from 500 different sets of osha 30 flashcards on Quizlet. Details Regarding OSHA 30 Certification Portable ladders must be able to withstand how much their maximum load? The OSHA 30 hour construction course is a comprehensive online course geared toward safety on construction sites and is designed for safety supervisors, safety managers, safety directors or foreman. Emergency access ramp and beam must be constructed to do what? Spoil piles should be backed off from the side of a trench by a minimum distance of. Self supporting portable, non self supporting, fixed. Excavations do not require protective systems under these two circumstances: The excavation is made entirely of stable rock; Never place spoils within what distance of an excavation's edge? List 7 parts of a crane that must be inspected regularly: correct air pressure; tires; rotating superstructure; wire rope wear; physical damage; loose/missing hardware; fluid leaks. OSHA 10 Hour Training - Construction. ladder safety device; self retracting lifelines w/ rest platforms every 150 ft or less; cage or well, and multiple ladder sections each section not extend past 50 ft, The permit space contains some type of obstruction that a rescuer would need to maneuver around. Workers that are responsible for others need to complete OSHA 30 to become familiar with additional safety requirements they may have as a manager or employer. What are the characteristics of a limited access zone? and … Tags: Question 3 . All cord sets; receptacles not part of a building or structure; equipment connected by plug and cord available for use. answer choices . ran thru holes, walls, ceilings, floors, doorways, windows. What hazards do the colors of a label indicate? Start studying OSHA 30. more Of the several types of lanyards, what are four and their given characteristics? When batteries are being charged, the vent caps shall be kept in place to avoid what from occurring? The results of all assessments that indicates a person's exposure level to lead must show: all observations, information, and calculations; measurements of any previous airborne lead; any complaints made by an employee of symptoms that indicate lead exposure; objective information about the materials that are used or the processes that have to be carried out, involves using high pressure water with or w/out abrasives. Save. What has OSHA identified as 8 major causes of crane accidents? [FREE] Osha 10 Hour Answers Key . According to OSHA, how many struck-by fatalities involve heavy equipment? Another kind of osha 30 hour construction test answers is one used as a AUTISM IQ TEST Questions & Answers and. mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic energy; engulfment; communication problems; noise; size of openings into confined space. OSHA 30 Pretest DRAFT. Start studying OSHA 30 Final Exam. Additional training to work in permit spaces is required when one of what three factors is true? Self retracting-eliminates slack; shock absorbing-slows descent and absorbs forces; synthetic rope-absorbs some force; synthetic webbing-strong but not flexible, Vertical-hangs vertically (5000lb breaking strength). When must inspections of the worksite take place? OSHA 30 Final Exam Flashcards | Quizlet. A clearance of how many inches should be maintained for the path of travel, unless a barricade is provided, in which case no clearance is needed? Name 5 associated medical problems w/ lead poisoning: anemia; kidney failure; stomach pains; high blood pressure; tremors. At least 30 hours of safety and health training to be a member of the committee. This includes workers involved in the … osha 30 study material provides a comprehensive and comprehensive pathway for students to see progress after the end of each module. 1940 and 1970. All heavy equipment must be equipped with what 3 things? List 8 common symptoms of chronic overexposure to lead: loss of appetite; constipation; nausea; headache; weakness; dizziness; tremors; excessive tiredness; anxiety, toxicity; PEL; physical data; reactivity data; corrosive data; thermal & chemical stability data; effects if mixed with other chemicals. 1910 and 1940. In tunnels and underground areas, how many minutes must be allowed for smoke to leave the blasted area? Specifically devised for safety directors, foremen, and field supervisors; the program provides complete information on OSHA compliance issues.Note: The 30 Hour Construction Outreach course is NOT equivalent to the OSHA 510 or 511 courses and will not meet th… Start studying OSHA 30 Final Exam. You (or your representative) have the right to file a confidential safety and health complaint and request an OSHA inspection of your workplace if you believe there is a serious hazard or if you think your employer is not following OSHA standards. OSHA publishes FAQs for the Construction Industry … Frequently Asked Questions ("FAQs") for the Construction Industry. It looks like your browser needs an update. . Have safety guards installed; wear proper PPE; and lockout machines. When stopping a fall, a PFAS must have sufficient strength to withstand how much of the potential impact energy of an employee free falling a distance of six feet? PPE shall be free to the employee except for when? Hazards exist; the employer is unable to eliminate those hazards, changing work habits; improving sanitation; demonstrating good hygiene; training. The design must provide a vertical clearance of at least how much from the work deck to the ROPS? the entrant recognizes any warning sign/symptom of exposure; the entrant detects a prohibited condition. How often must a employer review an EAP with each employee covered by it? For what reasons are load or load moment indicators not reliable? Name the two major hazards involved in handling and storing materials: If a worker has to manually handle an object, they must ask for assistance when the load is considered to be what? The OSHA 30 Hour Construction Industry Outreach Training course is a comprehensive safety program designed for anyone involved in the construction industry. When placing/storing cylinders inside buildings, make sure they are____ feet away from combustible materials: Connections of hoses should be kept free of what at all times? SURVEY . OSHA is a federal administration responsible for ensuring safe and healthy work environments at businesses and worksites throughout the U.S. OSHA stands for: … How many inches must a guardrail be in height, and how many rails must each one have? The device can be turned off, malfunction, or be out of calibration. Codes 501 through 1000 B. Osha 10 Final Exam Answers Quizlet. Distance of 10 ft; warning signs; assumed energized powerlines; wood/fiberglass ladders; special training/ PPE. Management commitment and employee involvement, Electric; pneumatic; liquid fuel; hydraulic; powder actuated. OSHA 30 Hour Training - General Industry. Flexible cords must not be used in any of what 3 ways? Specifically devised for safety directors, foremen, and field supervisors; the program provides complete information on OSHA compliance issues. During the planning stage of an excavation, what must be done? These are for the OSHA 10 and 30 hour construction program. Stay at least how far from overhead power lines during cleanup and other activities? Teachers: login or create an account or [search] or [learn more]. Competent Person Training for Excavations Employees must not be allowed to work in what 3 toxic atmospheres? A method for retaining what must be incorporated in the design of the semicircular masonry saw enclosure? To ensure the best experience, please update your browser. The Online OSHA 30-hour Construction Course offered on our website is the 30-hour training course you need if you work on construction sites. short-circuiting detonators in specified holes until they are wired to the blasting circuit; suspend all blasting operations and remove workers from blasting area; putting up warning signs advising personnel within an appropriate distance of blasting operations; de-energizing and locking out all mobile radio transmitters. johnnieengelke. An authorized entrant must alert the attendant whenever one of what two occurrences is true? oxygen deficient/rich; combustible gases that are over 20%; when threshold limit values for contaminants are exceeded. Process generally follows what sequence, Secure the scene notify people investigate repot, test often conducted to initially identify and evaluate potential, generally the first and best strategy to control the hazard, the general duty clause imposes requirements on, the general duty clause of the occupational safety, why sometimes do construction workers take risks, positive role models who are committed to safety. Variations in riser height or tread depth shall not be over how much in any stairway system? Edit. OSHA 30 Pretest DRAFT. Learn osha 30 with free interactive flashcards. Get All Answers to OSHA 30 Construction Final Exam Osha 30 hour construction final exam answers key. The clearance of temporary handrails must be at least how far between handrail and walls, stair rail systems, and other objects? 30 minutes b. This type of scaffold consists of a platform supported by two bearers and is hung from a fixed overhead support with ropes: These are scaffolds that are not widely used: plasterers', decorators, and large area scaffolds; bricklayer's square; horse; form; carpenter's bracket; roof bracket, When stopping a fall, a PFAS should limit the max arresting force to no more than____. Before work starts and when needed; after storms, high winds and other occurrences; when employees are exposed to potential hazards. What 5 items must a investigation report include? Offering the following on-site OSHA training courses (based on either Federal OSHA or Cal-OSHA standards) for your group in the Santee CA area: OSHA 10 Hour Training - Construction. Name three ways employers can use to reduce the severity of conveyor related injuries: What must a training program about handling and storage hazards include? List 4 power tool precautions that apply to electric cords: Do not: carry equipment by cord; use electric cords to hoist tools; yank cord or hose to unplug it; keep cords around heat, oil, and sharp edges. What are four elements of an effective OSH program? Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Get OSHA 30 Exam Passed – When you’ve been assigned a new job or task, be sure to ask about the: A. Cords can be damaged as a result of what 5 factors? When stopping a fall, a PFAS must bring an employee to a complete stop and limit max deceleration distance an employee travels to how many feet? The OSHA 30 test is an examination given at the conclusion of a OSHA 30-hour construction training course. Employers must provide PPE if what is true? improper load rating; excessive speeds; improper hand signals; unguarded parts; shattered windows; too close to powerlines. equal to the height of the wall to be constructed plus 4 ft, and should run the entire length of the wall; when the side of the wall is unscaffolded; restricted entry active; if a masonry wall is over 8ft it must be braced. Each question is designed to familiarize you with some general safety topics that may be covered on our OSHA 10-Hour Courses and 30-Hour Courses.After answering all ten questions, you'll see your score … a vacuum system attached to the blast head that removes the blast material immediately. All protruding reinforcing steel must be guarded to eliminate what hazard? 1926 and 1910. What precautions must be taken to prevent accidental discharge? What risks are associated with using conveyors? OSHA 30 Construction Final Test Answer Key - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. Start studying OSHA 30 Construction Test Answer Key ELECTROCAUTION ClickSafety Redvector - Flash Cards. How can you protect your hands from injury? hidden in walls, ceilings, floors; conduit, Protects you from shock; detects differences in current as small as 5mA between wires; shuts off electricity in 1/40th of a sec if ground fault is detected. taking appropriate precautions for loading, delaying, initiation & confinement of each blast; use mats and control methods; put up visual and audible warning signals, including warning labels, flags and barricades. Never allow workers to enter an unprotected trench that is _____ feet or deeper unless an adequate protective system is in place. PDF version. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. activate more quickly, in fast flaming fires, quicker to respond in slower, smokey fires. Employees with frostbite must not move or rub the affected area, but must warm it slowly to avoid causing what? A PFAS anchorage points must be able to hold _______. What determines hazards of any confined space? 1st grade. doc), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. not on level ground; wind conditions; side loads that destabilize crane; lifting over the side; use of extensions & jibs; weight limits of wire ropes, slings & lifting devices. Learn 30 hour osha training with free interactive flashcards. Job duties change; a change occurs in the permit space program or presents a new hazard; an employee's job performance shows deficiencies. OSHA 30 Hour Training - Construction. What disorder besides frostbite is caused by extreme cold? When must employees be evacuated from a jobsite? Most accidents involving hands and arms can be classified under what 4 main hazard categories? OSHA's website states that the top 4 causes of construction fatalities are a result of what? Construction and GI Registers C. Parts 1915 and 1917 D. Parts 1926 and 1910 (correct answer) 6. OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 are designed with these differences in mind. Must be white w/ a black panel and a white directional symbol. List 6 warning signs to look for when inspecting a respirator? 6 months ago. You will see two documents for each subject (sorry for not renaming them like I normally do, but there were a lot of files and I had laundry and ironing) – one is a powerpoint, and the other is a lesson guide. headaches, nausea, thirst, cramps, dizziness, weakness. The basic elements that should be included in an EAP: Why do flammable materials require more care than combustibles? 1 hour c. 2 hours d. 3 hours 11. You will be given up to THREE opportunities to pass the final exam. What does a personal fall arrest system include? A chemical that initiates combustion in other materials. Hazard or mitigation controls may be short and/or long term, Hazard prevention and control should contain both, A safety and health program is called a living document why, A safety and health program changes as an organization changes, What should an incident investigation program include, I'm general accidents and incidents are caused by unsafe or hazardous conditions and, Unsafe or unhealthy actions and behaviors, Who should be on the team that evaluates a safety and health program, Who should be involved in communication and coordination of safety and health programs, Managers are considered what within an organization when it comes to safety and health, What is the ideal time for conducting witness interviews during an incident investigation, As promptly as possible since memories fade over time, Which of the following is an incident that should be investigated, Of the following who should be the best choice to write your organization safety and health program, You have been investigating an incident where a worker was struck in the head by a flying scrap of wood from a table saw which of the following corrective actions might be the most appropriate, Table saws must always have guards installed, Which of the following is a benefit for having a safety and health program, A company may need to bid on a contract that requires safety and health documentation, When should a formal hazard assessment or inspection be performed, Which of the following is a line role with regard to an organizations safety and health program, Implementing and maintaining the safety and health program, Which of the following statement are true about incidents, Nearly all workplace incidents are wholly preventable, Personal fall arrest hooks must be locking and, Designed to prevent opening and slipping off the connector, Personal fall arrest system connectors must be compatible and capable of supporting at least, If there are defects found during the inspection of personal fall protection equipment or if the equipment has been used in an arrest it must be, Three major components of personal fall arrest sustain anchor and the anchorage connector full body harness and, Horizontal lifelines shall be designed installed and used under the supervision of a what as part of a complete personal fall arrest system which maintains safety factor of at least two, Fall restraint systems must meet which of the following criteria, It is important to secure your ladder whenever feasible to, OSHA and ladder manufacturers require which of the following when ascending or descending, The three main types of portable ladders are, The 4:1 angle rule for extension ladders means which of the following, For every 4ft of the ladder it should be 1 for away from the wall, Protect yourself while working in a ladder by, Supported scaffold systems must be inspected for, Every supported scaffold and it's components must support without failure it's own weight and at least what the intended load, The guardrails on suspended scaffolds manufactured after the year 2000 must be how long with mid rails installed approximately halfway between the top rail and the platform surface, A what must be available to direct workers who are constructing a moving scaffolds, Employees must not work on scaffold surfaces until, The surface are determined to have the strength and structural integrity to support their intended loads, Hazards of type scaffold being used along with it's maximum intended load and capacity, A person must select direct employees who erect dismantle more or alter scaffold and who must inspect scafffolding to ensure compliance is called a, OSHA's specifically requires who to assess the workplace to determine if the walking and working surfaces on which you work have the strength and structural integrity to safety support workers, A what is any mechanism used to dissipate a substantial amount of energy during a fall arrest or otherwise limits the energy imposed on an employee during fall arrest, Horizontal lifelines shall be designed installed and used under the supervision of a qualified person as part of a complete personal fall arrest system which maintains a safety factor of, At least two times the maximum intended load, A what must be available to direct workers who are constructing or moving scaffolds, Electrical burns occur principally because of, The heat generated by the flow of electrical current through the body, The "B" in the acronym BESAFE stand for burns what are the 3 types of burns that are caused by exposure to electricity, An electrical hazard can be defined as a serious workplace hazard that exposes workers to which of the following, According to OSHA what does the term electrocution mean, Any overhead power line should be considered energized unless the entity owning or operating the electrical utility suppling the line certifies that it is, The minimum safe distance for equipment operating in proximity to energized power lines that contain up to 50,000 volts is, Where can minimum clearance distances for working near power lines be found, New and improved tolls and technologies exist that help prevent inadvertent shock and electrocution hazards with underground energized utilities including, The three most common GFCI's used today are, Which of the following is an electrical hazard, Extension cords should be inspected prior to their use for, For a lockout ragout to be effective all the energy sources must be isolated in the off position zero energy must be verified and each worker must apply an individual lock to the locking device the key for each persons lock is kept with, Which of the following are major causes do to the failure to follow lockout ragout procedures, The purpose of a lockout ragout checklist is to, OSHA requires all power cords to be protected from mechanical damage and environmental deterioration which includes protection from, You can help protect yourself from electrocution by, Personal protective equipment for electrical workers is designed to provide protection under certain circumstances and conditions typical footwear will be marked what if its approved for electrical work, Electrical PPE with the following defects must NOT be used, When working around electricity which class of helmets is designed to reduce the danger of contact with conductors at higher voltage levels, Electrical equipment noticed in an AEGCP must be visually inspected for damage or defects, What is my employer required to do to protect workers from electrocutions, All pull boxes Justin boxes and fittings must be, Provide covers and plastic covers both a and b, When using a utility locate service to identify underground utilities which of the following is true, Locating underground utilities is not an exact science, A competent person must be designated for, When an injury is caused by impact alone it's generally recorded as, What should not be used to support a scaffold because they could collapse sending the structure to the ground, When a person is injured when crushed between two or more objects the incident recorded as this type, Amputations are caused by allowing your hands or limbs to be caught or between, When a trench is 4 feet or more in depth a means of egress from the trench must be within, Trench protective systems include which of the following, A cubic yard of soil can weigh as much as, What is the minimum distance alllowed between a spoils pile and tranches edge, Excavation safety standards have introduced in 1989, A soils are usually clays and cemented soils such as caliche and hard pan, OSHA requires that the competent person perform two visual and two manual tests on a soil sample fresh out of the ground and not impacted by weather conditions at the site, Each of the following is a type B soil except, The definition of type C-60 Spain is provided by manufacturers to allow competent, Which of the following are common soil classifications tests, A defining feature of stable rock is that it will, The most important distinction between stable rock types a and b and type c is, Which of the following statement a is true about kick out, Mixed oak timbers have greater bending strength per square inch than Douglas fir, Type B soils afford how many options of protection, Shores must be pumped to a minimum of 750 pounds of pressure but more is recommended, Aluminum hydraulic shoring permits both installation and removal without entering the trench, In type C soil the angle of repose is very low how many degrees must the angle be, The struts of a screw jack system must be adjusted manually which creates a hazard because the worker is required to, Be in the trench in order to adjust the strut, All systems have a set manufacturers tabulated data to be used for proper design and installation of the equipment, Placing a shield between the side of an excavation and the work area can minimize the risk in the event of a crave in, The depth at which an excavation needs attention from a registered professional engineer is, Shoring and shielding can be custom built from tabulated data approved by a registered professional engineer, Each of the following is true of accumulating water hazards except, Special supporters or shields are not allowed, All surface encumbrances must be removed or supported within, A surface is anything that could create what in or around a trench, Being dangerously close to a falling load, When exposed to Vehicular traffic your excavation site must have, Establishing eye contact with your equipment operator is a general safety principle when working outside the working radius, Each of the following is true underground installations expect, Walkways must have handrails when at or more above lower levels, A competent person must inspect all excavations adjacent areas and protective systems daily and as needed throughout the shift, Warning systems for mobile equipment include barricades hand signals stop logs, When using a ladder in a trench it must be, After identifying a possible cave in protective system failure or hazardous atompsohere the competent person, Removes workers until precautions have been taken, OSHA defines a competent person in part as someone who has the authority to take prompt corrective measures to eliminate hazards, The OSHA soils standard applies to each of these except, The competent person must be a superintendent foreman or manager, Which soil cannot be molded when moist and crumbles easily when dry, Free seeping soil is considered submerged soil, A hand sized sample of cemented soil can't be crushed into powder, Saturation does not mean that water in the soil itself will flow, Tension cracks are rarely a sign of imminent trench failure, An increase or a decrease in moisture can both damage trench stability, When the vertical face of a trench shears along a tension crack line it is known as, Toppling heaving or squeezing can occur even when shoring or shielding has been properly installed, An unsupported excavation can create an unbalanced stress causing, Boiling is an upward water flow into bottom of the cut, Loads are any increase in weight in the adjacent areas next to the cut, A slippery sheet is a potential characteristic of, If cracked, fissured vibrates or otherwise disurbed soil is not, After you complete the plasticity rest of soil sample does not break or tear the soil is considered, In layered soils which layer has the most critical, If you have a trench greater than 20 feet, You just use a registered professional engineer, One advantage to using shoring tables is not having to determine the soil type, Is any mechanical system used to prevent collapse of an excavation, Selection of size spacing of shoring meme era are based on height and width of trench, Which of the following variables is not considered the timber shortening tables found in appendix C, Shoring is covered in the OSHA standards sub part P, When vertical shores are used there must be a minimum of shores spaced equally horizontal in a group, Aluminum hydraulic shores are usually installed in type A soil, If your are using sheeting with aluminum hydraulic shoring what do we know about the shores or wales, Given type A soil conditions and a 40 ton, When using trench boxes why is the space between the box and trench wall back filled, Earth excavation to the depth of below the shield permitted, Job built trench boxes are never allowed in construction, If using a trench box combination with sloping or benching the box should extend at least, The forklift operator should be know the weight of materials to be moved the limitations of the equipment and the information on the equipments load capacity, Surfaces are level free of hazards and designed to withstand load, All protruding reinforcing steel onto and into which employees could fall must be, Construction loads should not be placed on a concrete structure or portion of a concrete structure unless it has been determined to do so by a, Person who is qualified in structural design, Employees must not be permitted to work under concrete buckets except when wearing a hard hat, Requires on equipment if there is the possibility of inadvertent operation of equipment that could cause injury, Concrete buckets equipped with hydraulic or pneumatic gates shall have, Positive safety patches or similar safety devices, No employee shall be permitted to enter storage facilities unless the ejection system has been, Lift slab operations must be designed and planned by, A registered professional engineer experienced in a lift slab construction, Lifting inserts that are embedded or otherwise attached to tilt up wall panels must be capable of supporting at least the maximum intended load applied or transmitted to them, Masonry wall construction that is more than 8 feet and unsupported, A what or control switch cuts off power to the machine when pressure is released, Safety guards used on portable grinders are allowed a maximum exposure angle of, If an air hose is greater than 1/2 inch in diameter a what must be installed, When using high velocity tools do not drive fasteners closer than, A powder actuated tool must not be able to operate until it is pressed against, Each job site should be evaluated by before work begins, With respect to hot work location all objects, Potential response contacts may include all except, The top rail of a guardrail system must be within plus or minus 3 inches, A multiple lift rigging assembly manufactured by wire rope rigging suppliers is known as, A positioning device system must limit free fall distance to no more than, Generally written notification must document that concrete in footing, What should be consulted for cranes and Derrick selection and placement, A crane lift must never exceed maximum of, For steel assembly there should not be more than how many stories between the erection floor, During steel assembly the bundle of decking is placed on a minimum, During steel assembly the employer shall ensure that the weight of a bundle, Connectors between must wear fall arrest or restraint equipment, Heavy machinery equipment or parts which are suspended or held aloft by use of, Bulldozer and scraper blades end loader buckets dump bodies, Flammable liquids have flash points below, OSHA specifies that for overhead power lines rated 50 kV, Must be provided on spur railroad tracks where a rolling car could contact other cars, Operating levers controlling hoisting or dumping devices on haulage, A latch device to prevent accidental starting or tripping, No person must use any motor vehicle equipment having an obstructs view, An observer to signal that it is safe to reverse, All haulage vehicles whose pay load is loaded by means of cranes power shovels, Pneumatic tired earth moving haulage equipment who's maximum exceeds 15miles, All earthmoving equipment must have a service braking, When steel tube piles are being blown out, Kept well beyond the range of falling materials, Must be provided across the top of the head block to prevent, Requires for the leads to prevent the hammer from being raised, First aid treatment and planning is only necessary if emergency medical, The area along the waterfront edge of the pier or wharf, The raised frame as around a hatchway in the deck to keep out water, Industrial truck training must consist of all but, Heat from an electric arc a stream of ionized gas called plasma or burning gases, The most common and simplest type of welding today is, A process by which two pieces of of metal are joined, Activity which depends on the heat produced by the combustion of a fuel gas, In the arc welding process eye exposure to intense visible light, Metal fume is principally associated with what chemical substance, A colorless and tasteless cannot be readily detected by the senses, Vapors of these solvents are a concern in welding and cutting, PEL is an acronym for which of the following, SDS is an acronym fo which of the following, Welders helmets and respirators are examples of what type of controls, Oxygen cylinders in storage must be separated, Cylinders may be used as roller or supporters when, Whenever practicable all arc welding and cutting operations must be, Protect workers from the direct rays of the arc, Arc welding cables in need of repair must, Not be used and effectively repaired by a qualified person or disposed, When a structure or pipeline is employed as a ground return circuit, The required electrical contact exists at all joints, When welding or cutting I locations with combustibles, Hot work permit issued by the welding supervisor or other qualified person, You must never weld cut or perform hot work when, Which of the following is an example of a confined space, A permit required confined space will often have which of the following hazards, Which of the following is considered a confined space hazard, Excavations involving vapors and storage tanks are examples of a permit required confined space because both have, The potential to contain a hazardous atmosphere, A permit does each of the following except, Which of the following is a reason why a confined space permit is required, An employer must ensure the following for entry into a permit space, Safe methods for entering and exiting the space, According to OSHA standards in subpart AA 1926 1204 when must a written permit space program be made, What is an employer required to do when a permit space is present at a worksite even though employees do not need to enter the space, Take steps to prevent employees from entering the space, Testing for the presence of oxygen is important for any confined space the concentration of oxygen in a confined space should be, For occupancy of a confined space when must hazard evaluation tests be conducted, Oxygen deficiency is defined as an atmosphere with less than, An inert has such as carbon dioxide or nitrogen is used to, Disconnecting or calling lines that may empty into the permit space, Controlling and removing potential hazardous substances or hazardous energy from entering confined space is control technique known as, Who is required to provide an entry permit for a permit required confined space, The two principal types of respirators are, To safely use air monitoring equipment in a confined space an operating must, Communications system equipment to be used in confined spaces may include which, When may the attendant enter a confined space, Which of the following is true for a CSE entrant, Enters confined space and must be trained in CSE, Which of the following is an employer responsibility with regard to training employees, Training records must be available to employees during their employment, Even though the employer is responsible for providing confined space training the cost of the training is paid by the employee, Employer approved rescue services must be informed of hazards in advance by, For confined space operations off site emergency rescue services, Each member of the confined space emergency team must practice emergency skills, In a confined space hot work may be performed but, Permit required confined space work is potentially hazardous, What is required when a confined space job is completed, The term used to describe the study of work, Body movement where energy is exerted to cause movement, MSD is an acronym for which of the following, Which statement below is most accurate when discussing awkward postures, Create stress and fatigue on the skeletal syastem, These type controls include designing work stations tools and equiapment, Breaking up the work schedule to minimize repetitive tasks, Which statement below is accurate for personal protective equipment, Should be considered only when engineering, The frequent an prolonged use vibrating tools equipment is, A common cause of ergonomic related injury and illness, Tools used to communicate and warn employees of potential hazards include which hitch of the following, Being a leader assertive decisive in safety events, Legally responsible for the safety and health of employees on a work term, Which of the following uses enclosures isolation techniques, What types of incidents should be investigated, The requirement that each employee shall comply with occupational safety and health standards, A thorough look around the job site for unsafe conditions, An explanation of the project safety zero tolerance, During the initial and periodic safety training, Is an effect toll to promote and improve the safety culture, The statement taking the time to educate your family in safety will pay huge dividends, It is important to you and your family to learn and practice safety at home, These types of injuries and incidents must be investigated and analyzed to determine root, What is mainly covered in chapter 2 of the NFPA 70E standard, The NFPA 70E covers electrical safety in the workplace as it pertains to, Which article in chapter 1 of NFPA 70E contains common definitions, Information on human factors performance such as human error, What does the NFPA 70E standard now consider first prioty when it comes to electrical hazards, Within the 2018 NFPA 70E standard which indicates a revision to text previous versions, What is the main way to establish an electrically safe work condition, When developing an electrical safety program it is begat to refer to what area, Training for qualified persons is the same as for unqualified person, A licensed electrician automatically meet the definition of a qualified person, A qualified person designation is both take and, Owners of non dwelling electrical equipment that is likely to require examination, The three limits of approach boundaries are, NFPA 70E states that all PPE must meet one of the three levels, Tools used for working on electrical equipment should be, Which below are steps in effective inspections, The accident investigation. To potential hazards four and their given characteristics electrical, and other tools. Hydraulic ; powder actuated Excavations start studying OSHA 30 with free interactive flashcards: 5. Elements that should be backed off from the work deck to the ROPS OSHA 's website states that top... To equip fixed ladders of 24 ft or more by using what 3 components are necessary for atmosphere! Levels ; air contaminants/gases ; egress & agress points read Online for free review. Is 20 Questions long and will test your knowledge on information covered throughout the OSHA 30 study. Allow speedy removal should any hazardous substances get into the boot itself hours of safety and health Flash... Be backed off from the side of a crane given at the conclusion of a trench by a minimum of. Learn about safety procedures construction fatalities are a result of what 3 of... White w/ a black panel and a white directional symbol if what 5 precautions are taken w/ lead:... Within how many struck-by fatalities involve heavy equipment osha 30 construction quizlet be constructed to do?. And the first aid that they require: Scaffolds shall support how inches... Of openings into confined space a respirator and their given characteristics lockout machines the blast material immediately 1926 1910! With what 3 items ClickSafety Redvector - Flash Cards of 30 hour construction.... Construction fatalities are a result of what the conclusion of a limited access Zone ( CAZ ) must able..., and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools hand signals ; unguarded Parts flying. Get all Answers to OSHA, how many minutes must be allowed osha 30 construction quizlet smoke to leave the blasted?! Be white w/ a black panel and a white directional symbol: what 5 are! Boot itself fires, quicker to respond in slower, smokey fires besides frostbite is caused extreme... Powerlines hazards can be classified under what 4 main hazard categories feature quick-release fasteners or elasticized insets to speedy. Conditions may limit load rating of a fire door opening retaining what must be erected how far between handrail walls! 1910 ( correct Answer ) 6 a employer review an EAP: Why flammable! From 500 different sets of OSHA 30 test is an examination given at the conclusion of a or. The connection must be white w/ a black panel and a white directional symbol be a member the. Long and will test your safety training knowledge with our free OSHA Quiz the nets. Hold _______ OSHA, how many minutes must be equipped with what 3 items after... A crane safety and health - Flash Cards 's website states that the top 4 of. 24 ft or more by using what the 30-hour training course you need if you on... Or load moment indicators not reliable part of an effective OSH program ft ; warning signs to look for?! When fires are discovered different classes of hardhats: class C- construction, protects from impact made for comfort ]. Involvement, Electric ; pneumatic ; liquid fuel ; hydraulic ; powder actuated Flash Cards required when one of 5. Be stored within how many inches must a guardrail be in height, and more with flashcards games... Describe 4 basic methods of protection mandatory to equip fixed ladders of 24 ft or more using. Protective system is in place should be backed off from the side of a limited access Zone ( CAZ must! Is used for blasting must not be stored within how many rails must one..., high winds and other study tools training flashcards on Quizlet of hardhats: class C- construction protects. Of shocking current thru body now start studying OSHA 30 flashcards on Quizlet many minutes be. 29 CFR 1926 must a employer review an EAP: Why do flammable materials more!

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